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VIEDO SPOTLIGHT: Holly L’Babe – Amber Eyes

Holly L’Babe, where did you come from?

Holly L'Babe 'Strawberry Moon' E.P.

Holly L’Babe ‘Strawberry Moon’ E.P.

Who in the world is Holly L’Babe? Well we are not quite sure, but we have a sneaking suspicion it’s a side project of local Sacramento band ‘Silver Spoons’ Spencer Hoffman, along with the support of musicians from local bandBasket House(We could be wrong, so don’t be mad if we are).

Anyway, back in February of  2015 Holly L’Babe put out a really excellent E.P. entitled ‘Strawberry Moon’ on bandcamp. We’d say it’s mostly gone unnoticed, flying deep into the underground of the Sacramento music scene. Perhaps to be forgotten, or maybe not! In late August, Holly L’Babe released a DIY video for the song ‘Amber Eyes’, a sweet little dreamy song featuring Spencer in a white tank top covered in glitter, with great purple, reds, and blue filters. Filmed & edited one early morning at 3 a.m. by creative talents Jesika Gatdula, and Robert Ventura. An all around solid song, EP, and video! Watch the video, then go and listen to and download the EP on the bands bandcamp sight!

Seriously, its a beautiful little ep, and may we suggest ‘Bird Watching’ as a highlight track….it’s an upbeat song, with song great vocal work! Cheers!


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