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First Fest Sacramento 2016 – Submissions now OPEN!




In May 2015 the inaugural First Festival was held in West Sacramento and featured 18 musical acts, of which included notable local Sacramento bands ‘Whiskey & Stitches’, ‘Drop Dead Red’, ‘A Mile Till Dawn’, and ‘Be Brave Bold Robot’. It was created by two local business owners Danielle Vincent and Ashley Rastad, and they are bringing it back in 2016!

Local bands of Sacramento, prep your social media pages, dress up your websites, put up your best songs, and fill out the submission form now! As of September 3rd, 2015 the First Festival web site is now accepting applications from bands in Sacramento (as well as close surrounding areas). We currently don’t know how long the window to apply will be open, so do it as soon as possible. All submissions will be reviewed in January 2016, and what is really awesome is that the form is quick, simple, and too the point. 

It’s a rare opportunity for bands of the local Sacramento music community to be given the opportunity to apply to play a legitimate festival (unlike TBD, which we still love by the way). Let’s show our appreciation by spreading the word, and encouraging your friends to apply! You can’t play if you don’t apply!

While this is only the second installment of this festival, it’s still a really solid resume builder for bands. Again, we don’t know what they will be looking for exactly, but take our advice and prep your websites. Bands need to learn to sell themselves, build up the hype and make your social media sites look good. Stay active and play QUALITY gigs. 

Best of luck to all of you who do apply, and here is to hoping First Fest keeps an open mind, and produces a solid diverse line-up! 



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