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‘Silver Spoons’ – Video Spotlight

A video spotlight……. 

This past thursday April 17th, 2014 local band ‘Silver Spoons‘ played a live set out in the open air court yard of the Crocker Art Museum in Downtown Sacramento. The band, whose members include Elija Egbert (Vocals, guitar), Spencer Hoffman (Drums) and Jake Gales (Bass), played a strong and very impressive 30 minuet set. While this is just a 3 piece band, their sound swelled, and felt big in the courtyard (the great open air acoustics in this setting carried their sound perfectly).  

It really is a bummer that there is (to the best of our knowledge) only one video from this night (Please excuse the amature skills of the videographer, and focus more on the music). This particular song in the video below (which apparently has no name) is catchy, bright and fun to listen to more than once, and it’s just a tiny taste of what they have to offer. Fortunately, the group will be releasing a self recorded e.p. soon which will also be mastered by local music legend David Houston. We highly recommend you check out this band live and pick up their e.p. when it is released. 

‘Silver Spoons‘, another great little find….keep digging around Sacramento and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find in our music scene!

Be sure to visit their Facebook page to keep up to date for upcoming shows:



Enjoy the video…………

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