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The Witch Room – Sacramento’s Newest Music Venue

1815 19th Street, Sacramento,CA 95811



The Witch Room, no, this place will not be selling you magic potions, wands, frog legs, or special cook books with recipes to cook children. Actually, this place will be selling you rock n’ roll and promises to feature some of the best local Sacramento bands, national, and international bands, sorry no intergalactic groups. Oh and its quite possibly one of the COOLEST named new music venues in town!

Wondering where it is? Well it’s located in the same building once occupied by ‘Bows and Arrows’ (There is news that it will reopen in a new location), and the current owners are probably just as hip as the name of the venue. It’s like the dream team of local Sacramentans…the owners include Olivia Coelho (former Co-owner of Bows and Arrows), Liz Liles (former owner of Buffcastle and drummer for G. Green), Liz Mahoney (formerly of Fools Foundation and lead singer of Screature), professional art director and graphic designer dude Mark Kaiser (who also works for Mt. St. Mtn., Omnibus records, and of the formerly fantastic band Mayyors), and last but not least Mr. Drew Walker (sound guy and bassists of Surfer Gentleman).

There are a few hints as to what the inside of the venue will look like, and it is evident that there have been some changes made. One of these updates includes the addition of a new stage, in the previous setting the bands would play in the middle of the room set up on the floor of the venue. From the few pictures posted on the venues facebook page it also looks as though there may be a new paint job on the inside, the walls look like they are now painted black giving the room a more enlclosed feeling.

Is that Liz Liles dancing on the new stage inside The Witch Room?

For everyone in bands, and those who enjoy going to shows, it should be exciting news that this location remained a place where live music will continue to be brought to the public, and didn’t turn into something lame, like, oh I don’t know a BevMo or something (shout out to The Beat, you were loved). Along with fantastic bands, this venue will also be serving up craft beer and wine for the boozers, as well as cafe food (we are assuming this means stuff like sandwiches, crackers, cheese, soup..etc.) during the shows. While the venue will mostly be 18+, they will have the occasional all ages gig for the younger music lovers in town and will only be open during shows. 

Anyway, this info has been regurgitated as interestingly as possible, and hopefully you will now be more interested in finding out about this place. Be sure to go and check out their Facebook, and website page and show them your support! And most of all, be thankful that they are continuing to support the local music scene. And if you need more reasons to get out to the venue, their first couple of shows feature great bands including Wax Idols (sf) and local hip hop group Tel Cairo who will bring their “… soft heart beats,wicked bass licks, and beautiful melodies…” to help break in the new venue.

Here’s to something new in town, here’s to The Witch Room!! Cheers!!!

Upcoming Shows:


Booking Info:

Hey bands…interested in playing at The Witch Room??? Make sure you have your music posted to Soundcloud or Bandcamp and follow this link:


Other Important links:

 Web SIte:  http://www.witchroomsac.com

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witchroom?filter=2

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