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Written by SacIndieMusic contributor: David Adams
This is RAD!!!!

This is RAD!!!!

The CDC lists the recommended exposure time to music exceeding 110 dBs at a mere 1.5 minutes. The average song by Sacramento’s RAD is only about 15 seconds.RAD’s album Loud & Fast crams 20 ear-shattering tracks into just over 10 minutes.
Front-woman, Lory Gil, smiles innocently before she spouts out high speed lyrics as guitarist Charles Albright, bassist Anthony Lew, and drummer Craig Hancock play ultra fast punk rock. These guys (and gal) are a well oiled, thrash-punk, machine. On stage, Albright shreds and screeches with his guitar while Gil pounds her fists every time Hancock hits the crash cymbal.RAD invites listeners to ‘get in the pit’ with songs like “Corporate Drugs” which states: “Moshing is our medicine. Dose it up, let’s begin!”
I corresponded with Albright about their album, and the future of RAD.
It has been a year since the release of Loud & Fast.
What were some of the goals you were hoping to accomplish with this album?
“We really wanted to do a record that didn’t waste people’s time and money. There are so many bands, so many resources to find out about old bands, there is no reason to spend time and money that would waste other peoples time and money. Make the best songs and records you can in essence.”
Do you feel like you’ve reached those goals, possibly broken some new ground?“I feel like the record was a success. Our goal was to do a good record that could add to the already existing rich Sacramento music history. I don’t know about “new ground”. It’s ten minutes long and a style of music some people say peaked 30 years ago. I feel like RAD is essentially a “weekend warrior”, band in a sense. We all have jobs and play/practice when we can. Black Flag, we are not. Part of me wishes we were living lean on the road looking for adventure, but that is a tough life. We are happy to mosh you in our leisure time.”You’ve released your music on Cassette and Vinyl, what made you decide on those mediums as apposed to Compact Disc or digital release?“It is my feeling (as well as other members of RAD) that the digitizing of music streamlines the process of making the music disposable and valueless. Our feeling is that, if we do a good record, someone will digitize it and post it online. We are not trying to do RAD as a job or “get big” so there isn’t a big need to try to “get our music” to as many people we can. If you are into this kind of stuff, you most likely own a record player or tape player. People contact us from time to time asking for digital copies of our records. We usually just send it to them for free our direct them to the fan sites that have it posted.That said, I have hundreds of hours of music on my computer. I listen to CDs all the time. There is nothing wrong with digitizing media or culture, but our band, it’s sprit and style, don’t really line up with including a digital download code, you know? Would the Necros have put a download code in their records? Doubtful.”Are you working on a new record?“Yes! You’d be surprised how long it takes to write a 13 second song. We will spend like 45 minutes working on 10 seconds of audio. It’s really funny. We have about 13 songs? Maybe 8 minutes worth of audio. We even have a song that is almost a minute! The critics will have a field day with that one. We will be releasing a demo in a few weeks called “The Return of Thrash Radical”. Then we plan to “cross-over” to metal and make the eventual return to form hardcore record. It just makes the most finical success considering the climate of the market.”

Your first show was with Reagan Youth, since then, you’ve played with some amazing local bands. Rat Damage, Bastards of Young, XTOMXHANX, and killer international bands like Completed Exposition. Who would you like to go on the road with?

“Personally? Replica, The Trenchies, XTOMXHANX, Conquest for Death. Anyone fun to hangout with.”

When RAD plays, its rapid fire, blasting through your set at 100mph. You keep it short and sweet. What are some of the things you’ve learned about set lengths and the attention span of an audience?

“Attention spans are short and the older the audience the shorter they can be. Again, our idea is to not waste anyone’s time, you know? RAD takes this idea to the extreme playing for only 10-15 minutes, but we try to pack in a full shows worth of jams into 15 minutes, right? There is a reason why DJ’s have proliferated over the past 15 years-they play hits! Write hits in your band and people will go to your shows.

You should always want to leave the audience wanting more. The difference between liking and being indifferent to a bands set can be the span of 5 minutes. It seems that an unfortunate consequence of the “punk ideal” was that everyone can be in a band, and that is good enough. While it is true everyone’s artistic expression is intrinsically valuable in a sense, Just because a song expresses your feelings or is important to you, doesn’t mean you should subject your community to your unformed, half-finished unoriginal idea, right? Friends, family and music fans are very generous and will be polite as you indulge. But, really lets bring respect BACK to the audience. Mistakes will be made, but acknowledge them and their time!

Plus, who wants to listen to loud abrasive sounds for more than 15-20 minutes? Get on stage, make you point and get off. NEXT BAND!”

Who should fans of your music keep an ear out for?
Trenchies, Replica, No Statik, Monster Treasure, Satan Wriders, XTOMXHANX, Xants, just off the top of my head. Monster Treasure and Satan Wriders aren’t hard in the way RAD is hard, they are just great.”
RAD’s next Sacramento show will be on February 28 at Luigi’s Fungarden with Strange Party (tape release), Crude Studs, The Moans, and The Croissants (in support of their record release).

Just remember, “Never Turn Your Back on a Mosh!”


Find more info about the band below:

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/RAD.Sacto

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/221539588030792/
Purchase Link: http://sacramaniacs.com/releases/loud-fast/
RAD performs FEB 28th @ Luigis Fungarden - ALL AGES

RAD performs FEB 28th @ Luigis Fungarden – ALL AGES

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