TODAY – KDVS 50 yrs of existence, CELEBRATION time!

KDVS 90.3fm
KDVS 90.3fm

A long, long time ago, in a laundry room of the UC Davis Beckett Hall, the radio station KCD got it’s start. It could only be heard in the dormitories on the AM band using telephone phone lines to broadcast it’s signal, and quite possibly while surrounded by a few dozen dirty articles of clothing I imagine including stinky socks, gritty underwear, and beer soaked stained shirts of college kids. This pretty amazing little station eventually received an FM license and turned into KDVS four years later. Now on February 1st, 2014 KDVS 90.3fm will celebrate fifty years of existence.

This little station that could has a lot to celebrate….today it can proudly say that it is one of the most powerful college radio stations in the United States, thanks to the brand new transmitter installed in 2013 (which took 10 years of dedication to fundraising, and dealing with various legal challenges). The station also continues with its freeform format of broadcasting from a much more roomier and somewhat cleaner digs under neath Freeborn hall on the UC Davis campus.

Fifty years of amazing programing that goes against the grain of your mainstream, dumified (is that a word?), watered down radio stations of Sacramento county (yes, I am talking smack). And whats even better, is that it’s run by people like you and me. Volunteers who want to be involved with the community sharing educational information and playing music from EVERY genre imaginable.

Another great aspect of this station is that it is also a large supporter of the local music scene. Not only does the station provide a great opportunity for small bands to get some radio play, but it also airs a weekly program called Live In Studio A (L.I.S.A.) which gives bands a chance to get a live recording as well as a video of their performance all for free. What other station do you know will do this for local bands (or even touring bands) for free?

So get out and celebrate with KDVS TODAY February 1st 9pm till midnight! The station will be hosting live music, interviews with staff and DJ’s, as well as a special appearance by Mr. Turntable Head at Rock Band University (720 Olive Drive, Suite H). All ages are invited and best of all it’s FREE…thats right, all you will need is some money for gas and to eat, cause you will probably get hungry and want a burrito or something. If you can’t make it out, well your in luck, you can tune in on your radio or check it out on the web at

For your connivence here are a few important links for you to dig around and find a bunch of cool info: – there is a free intelligent phone app here!!!

KDVS celebrates 50yrs! 9pm - midnight - Rock Band University (720 Olive Drive, Suite H) ALL AGES!
KDVS celebrates 50yrs! 9pm – midnight – Rock Band University (720 Olive Drive, Suite H) ALL AGES!