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Press Club_Punk Rock Matinee….01/19/2014….W/Nobunny, Pookie and the Poodlez, and The Croissants

Original art work created by: Melissa Cheyenne Foote

Original art work created by: Melissa Cheyenne Foote

Press Club – Punk Rock Matinee!

On Sunday, January 19 at the Press Club (2030 P St.), indulge in the dirtiest, hairiest, and loudest after-brunch activity your grandmother is sure to scold you for witnessing. Nobunny, Pookie and the Poodlez, and The Croissants get the sinning started at 5:30 p.m.

Nobunny is trash with just a pinch of class. He’s cute and he’s cuddly, but lewd enough to make even the women of the Bunny Ranch blush. Vocalist Justin Champlin, adorns his Nobunny mask, strips down to skivvies, and becomes a rabid, sex-crazed, punk rock bunny rabbit. Watching a man with a puke-covered fuzzy mask climb over a sea of sweaty people in a crowded room is enough to bewilder you. Nobunny’s music is poppy and raunchy, yet rockin’ enough to get your heads bobbin’ and your tails shakin’ after just one tune. Here is “Little Bo Bitch” from the album Secret Songs released on Goner Records.




You might want to clean the resin out of your pipe for Pookie and the Poodlez. Hailing out of Oakland, these four embody pop punk for a generation of disenchanted pot heads. Pookie’s singer and guitarist,Trevor Straub, writes fun-loving songs about hanging out, teenage angst, and his cat Matty. The Last Thing I Did As a Teenager cassette is available through Burger Records, as well as their recent split with Cumstain. The track, “Pookie Smooches”, is a cutesy song about walking home and kissing. The video features Pookie’s band mates with Papier Mâché poodle heads.

Click here to check out the video: “Pookie Smooches” http://youtu.be/62s5kpz2s00

Pookie and the Poodlez

Pookie and the Poodlez

The Croissants once posted on their blog that they were considered “too punk” to play the Torch Club, sounds just about perfect for the Press Club. This Sacramento trio is due to release a limited pressing 7-inch called, We’re in the Basement, February 15 on Hella Mad Records. You can pre-order it now on their Bandcamp page.

The Croissants

Original art work created by: Melissa Cheyenne Foote

Hella Mad Records:                                                                                                   http://hellamadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/were-in-the-basement   

The Croissants


Pookie and the Poodlez

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/615873128469864/

Submitted by Sac.Indie.Music contributor: David Adams

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