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Phono Select Records: 4370 24th Street, Unit "O" near Sacramento City College.

Phono Select Records: 4370 24th Street, Unit “O” near Sacramento City College.

PHONO SELECT RELAUNCHES…….September 28th, 2013!!!

Don’t sneeze or you’ll miss it….The brave little record store PHONO SELECT is making it’s return on September 28th 2013 from 10am to 2pm! And while it may not fill the fresh empty void for us record store lovers created by the recent closing of the iconic record store The Beat, it is still a very welcomed and refreshing return.


What makes this store so unique? well, where to begin…how about this…PHONO SELECT has always made an effort to get involved in the local music, arts, and DIY community. They have always been supportive of local bands, selling their music and putting on shows. This store believes in giving back to the community, they make it their goal to make the record store shopping experience fun again while sharing music, and not just focusing on sales.

Taking on a new approach this time around, the store will be opened on a very limited basis, one Saturday a month to the public or if your feeling fancy you can make a private appointment to get your record shopping needs fulfilled.

There will also be ‘special events’ occurring for the remainder of the month as well! So,like I said don’t sneeze, blink, or even flatulate cause you might miss this event! Mark your calendar and get down to the store, and thank them for making an effort to re-open, show your appreciation and buy some music.


The guys from Phono Select were cool enough to answer a few question I have regarding their recent move, the new location, store hours and what they hope future holds for Phono Select!!

SacIndieMusic (SIM): How excited are you for this re-launch!?

Phono Select (PS): Very excited, it feels like forever since we had to close the shop on K Street. I will be nice to see our friends again and share music.

SIM: Was it difficult finding a new location?

PS: Yes and No. difficult because most landlords were not really interested in bargaining with or coming to agreement that would allow to regroup and get our footing in order to re-launch the shop. No, because once the decision was made on the model we were going to attempt this time around it was easy to decide.

SIM:  How did you choose your new location, anything you really like about it?

PS: The biggest factor was location it’s not that far out of town and it’s close to other well-known local businesses, Track 7 Brewing, Mikes Vintage Bikes, Panama Pottery, Lalo’s and Sac City. The neighborhood is also home to many of our friends.

SIM:  Why did you decide to only be open to the public once a month?

PS: Being open every day was making it difficult to go out and get vinyl to keep the shop fun, great records just don’t walk in the door, it takes a lot of work to go find them. Also the dynamics of the partnership had changed we had other things in our lives that needed attention.

SIM: Is there special criteria needed to make an appointment to visit the store?

PS: Not really, if Dal is there and you’re a regular or visiting from out of town or made a special trip to Sac to go record shopping we will do our best to accommodate people.

SIM: What will your stock consist of? Any changes?

PS: Yes and no. We are trying to focus more on used product vs the 50/50 split at the old location. The shop will feature basically what we feel are relevant records from all genres, but we have started to limit our focus on new releases to more of the outsider /diy/experimental side of all genres. Personally we’re always searching for new music to enjoy so limiting it to a few styles of music would get really boring really fast. Honestly it is always easier to sell something old and true vs something new and untested. When it comes to used stock we’re always on the hunt for everything we feel is relevant or at the very least fun.

SIM: Will you still be hosting shows occasionally?

PS: We’ll see how the neighbors feel about that, we have other ideas beyond just shows for the space. We would like to really get the mix tape swap into high gear and possibly start hosting a rock n roll garage sale and record swap to coincide with the days we are open.

SIM: What are you hoping the future holds for Phono Select?

PS: Our goal was always for us to focus on the record store part and others in the community to utilize the space for other art or culture related events.

SIM: Thanks again Phono Select – Here’s to new beginnings…..Cheers!!

NEW LOCATION: 4370 24th Street, Sacramento,CA Unit “O” (Near Sacramento City College)

RELAUNCH DATE: Saturday September 28th, 2013
TIME:10am – 2pm




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