The 22nd annual Sammies Nomination Period has begun….

Nomination period ends Friday September 20th!
Nomination period ends Friday September 20th!

It’s that time of year again Sacramento musicians – it’s time for the BELOVED 22nd annual Sacramento News and Review Sammie Nominations to begin!! And on a darker note,  it also marks the beginning of many future Facebook posts of hatred towards anyone who seems even slightly excited about the Sammies, or facing the possibility of getting  your band  ‘disliked’ for asking your “fans” to nominate you. It’s true, some people put too much emphasis on awards, and I already have a few bands in mind that I know I will be receiving an invite from to nominate their band, which has often been compared to being the same as “begging for sex”. Aside from the slightly annoying Facebook aspect of this, deep down inside I think everyone is somewhat excited, maybe just a little??

Anyway, I figure the best way to look at this, is not as a competition, but rather as an opportunity to help get the word out about as many bands as possible. How about everyone just nominate all the bands you can think of!? It’s always nice to see the Sacramento music scene get some much-needed exposure and attention….

As far as the actual awards show, let’s see if there is some variation with this year’s performers – let’s hope that we will see some new acts performing on the stage.

So, click the link below and go and nominate your favorites!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE – Sammies 2013 – Nomination link

Nomination Period ends Friday September 20th…..

Official 2013 Sammies nominees will be announced in an October issue of SN&R, and winners will be revealed on Friday, November 8, at the 22nd annual Sammies Festival at Ace of Spades in downtown Sacramento.


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