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The Common Men w/ All About Rockets 7/19/2013 @ The Naked Lounge

The Common Men: https://www.facebook.com/thecommonmen

All About Rockets: https://www.facebook.com/AllAboutRockets

This past Friday (7/19/2013), I had the pleasure of catching the ‘The Common Men’, who finally returned to their home town after a yearlong absence. With them they brought their re-built line-up, and a revamped sound. Also on the bill were shoegaze, guitar driving local rockers ‘All About Rockets’, and some band named ‘The Shaft’ who didn’t show up, that’s OK because we got extra long sets from both of the other bands to help compensate!

 ‘All About Rockets’ opened the night and got the show off to an amazing start! Surprisingly, this was only their second gig after just recently adding a couple of new members to their line-up including Rachel Montano on Drums, and Kyle Fowler on Guitar. Only you would be hard pressed to tell that they were brand new! I was truly impressed at how strong they sounded; they played a great opening set which included loud driving shoegaze guitars, layered with delay, reverb and heavy overdrive crunch. The drums were solid, pounding and played well with the bouncy bass lines laid down by Joseph Gibbs. Their music was easy to get lost in, with many moments of long crunchy, fuzz delayed psychedelic songs which reminded some of a shoegaze version of ‘The Brian Jonestown massacre’. The band also features alternating vocals; guitarist John Grow vocals were soft and intertwined very well with their sound, it reminded me of the style that ‘My Bloody Valentine’ is known for. Joseph, who also does lead vocals, had a sound reminiscent of ‘They Might Be Giants’, perhaps a bit deeper, more controlled, and (in my opinion) in a much cooler band. I highly recommend seeing this band the next time they play! Unfortunately, they do not have any recorded music at this time, but you can watch a video posted from the show on the SacIndieMusic youtube channel! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPuH04QS1AY)

With a no show on the bill this meant we were treated to an earlier start time of headliners ‘The Common Men’ who treated us to nine brand new songs! After quite a few years of being a part of the local Sacramento music scene, the band decided a fresh start was in order. Thus, they decided to leave our town for the big city in the bay, San Francisco. There they worked hard to find a new drummer (Paul), and also add something totally different to the mix, another guitar/keyboardist (Kevin R.). Paul was quick behind the kit, working to accent the rhythmic bass lines of Josh Common. Kevin R. (guitarist/keyboardist) brought the most significant change to the band’s sound. His keyboard playing colored the band’s sound with new textures, and helped to fill the space around the kevin Ian’s guitar. It was refreshing to see this band, whom for so long was a trio, take on this new direction. Often, I have seen bands hang on to their sound for years and never really expand it, most just want to play it safe. Original members Kevin Ian Common and Josh Common were eager to introduce their many long time Sac fans to their new, revamped sound! As one long time fan, Dire Deparra, posted to Facebook ” the new Common Men sound equaled a more-refined old Common Men sound, plus a generous dose of Ultravox epicness”. “It was intense, cinematic and engaging” Dire posted. I couldn’t agree more! Huge congratulations to ‘The Common Men’ on their new sounds…cheers guys!

Watch video of ‘Some Sunrise’ by ‘The Common Men’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohqju18oULU



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