After several years of hiatus, I’ve decided to make a comeback of sorts!

Life has been crazy, and things have changed in the local Sacramento music scene over the past years. Local music venues have mostly gone, but there are a few that are still hanging on thanks to the efforts of the local community.  Local bands are ever changing, some have entirely disbanded, and others continue doing their thing, and some are making a pretty good name for themselves!

Why am I doing this? Maybe you are wondering, perhaps you don’t care…well whatever you think it’s all good. I’ve been in the local scene for just about 12 years now, I’ve seen bands come and go,  local venues rise and fall, and I love it. I have met so many people over the years and enjoyed so much music. Whether the mainstream realizes it or not, the local scene is so vital to the culture of the city. These locals give a town its character and create diversity. Even if a band sticks around for only a few months, they are still just as important as those who go on to sell millions of albums. The local groups have a lasting impact on every new incoming generation of creatives.

I hope that you can find some enjoyment here, and learn about the underground music scene here in Sacramento. As I start to get back into things, my main goal will be to focus on musicians who identify as women, and POC musicians. Sadly, the more main stream publications stay away from these types of stories, they have to please the masses, and i do not. I’ve taken the attitude that if you want to see something done, do it yourself!

Thanks for the support! Check back soon for my first write-up covering the amazing Dolores 5000, she just recently released an incredible new album called ‘Moo is Meow in Cow’ ..see you soon!




VIEDO SPOTLIGHT: Holly L’Babe – Amber Eyes

Holly L’Babe, where did you come from?

Holly L'Babe 'Strawberry Moon' E.P.
Holly L’Babe ‘Strawberry Moon’ E.P.

Who in the world is Holly L’Babe? Well we are not quite sure, but we have a sneaking suspicion it’s a side project of local Sacramento band ‘Silver Spoons’ Spencer Hoffman, along with the support of musicians from local bandBasket House(We could be wrong, so don’t be mad if we are).

Anyway, back in February of  2015 Holly L’Babe put out a really excellent E.P. entitled ‘Strawberry Moon’ on bandcamp. We’d say it’s mostly gone unnoticed, flying deep into the underground of the Sacramento music scene. Perhaps to be forgotten, or maybe not! In late August, Holly L’Babe released a DIY video for the song ‘Amber Eyes’, a sweet little dreamy song featuring Spencer in a white tank top covered in glitter, with great purple, reds, and blue filters. Filmed & edited one early morning at 3 a.m. by creative talents Jesika Gatdula, and Robert Ventura. An all around solid song, EP, and video! Watch the video, then go and listen to and download the EP on the bands bandcamp sight!

Seriously, its a beautiful little ep, and may we suggest ‘Bird Watching’ as a highlight track….it’s an upbeat song, with song great vocal work! Cheers!


Cafe Colonial- Sound Improvement Benefit show – 7/31/2015


July 31st, Café Colonial Sound Improvement fundraiser show!!
July 31st, Café Colonial Sound Improvement fundraiser show!!

Café Colonial truly is, as Owner/Operator Matthew Marrujo once told me, “Oak parks best kept secret”! It is one of the most accommodating all ages music venues in town, and they have worked hard to create a welcoming location for bands (local and touring) to come and play music.

They have always been supportive of the local music community, take for instance the recent Sacramento Ladyfest. They were a huge contributor to the success of this inaugural Fest. This event would NEVER have been possible if it were not for Café Colonial opening its doors to the event coordinators. They were so open to allowing this group of community members coming in and doing what they needed to do without ever placing limitations on the event. It is truly a unique venue where events like this can and have been taking place.

Seriously, where else can members of the local community come in and take over a venue for two days, with 13 plus bands? How amazing, and unique is that here in Sacramento?

There are so many examples to point out as to why we should show our support for this all ages music venue. It has given, and continues to give, local music promoters the opportunity to host their own shows, and it is a rad place for local bands to bring out of town bands in so that they can eventually trade shows. Not to mention they have also opened their doors to countless bands looking for last minute gigs, as well as to touring bands just trying to find a place to play!

If you have ever played, booked a show, or went to a gig here, NOW is your chance to show the love back for this venue!

On July 31st, 2015, the goal is to raise money to help build up their sound system, and put in a proper stage. We all know how expensive this can be, and the café needs your support to make this a reality! To do so, they have put together an epic line-up including bands such as ‘The Strange Party’, ‘The Community’, and ‘The O’Mulligans’. Of course its all ages, and only $8!

Remember, the sound improvements at this venue will not only benefit the café, but it also benefits the bands, and those who love going to see shows here! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Show your love, support this local community music venue and go to the show!!!!

Facebook event page: Cafe Colonial Sound Improvement Benefit show

Event Details:

Date: Friday July 31st, 2015

Location: Café Colonial – 3520 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95820

Cost: $8.00

Time: 7pm


The Strange Party

The Community

The O’Mulligans

5 Days Dirty

Rebel Radio


Dusty Graves (from Avenue Saints)

Shelby Murray

CHEERS! Get out and support your local music community!


Sac.Indie.Music – Radio Special #3 KDVS 90.3fm – 07/09/2015

Radio Special #3 - 07/09/15
Radio Special #3 – 07/09/15

It’s that time again! This Thursday (7/9/2015) there will be a Sac.Indie.Music radio special taking place from 8pm – 10pm!

The kind folks over at KDVS 90.3fm have allowed me to take over TWO whole hours of radio. I will be featuring all local Sacramento bands (plus a couple from Oakland, and Davis).

If you are unfamiliar with all the amazing music the local Sacramento scene has to offer, now is a great time to tune into the radio and find out! The scene here is alive and well, there are many great and talented bands making music, and hopefully this will compel you to GET OUT TO SOME SHOW in the future.



1. Tune in on a RADIO – 90.3fm

2. Live stream from

Screature unleash NEW video PLUS 3 new tracks !!

New Screature album cover - 2015
New Screature album cover – 2015

Oh boy! Something good is coming this summer from Screature, how can you not get excited! The band just premiered a brand spanking new music video for their song “100 Lines” and it’s just as wicked good as ever over on Noisey, music by VICE. There are also a few songs available for your streaming pleasure, recorded by Chris woodhouse, and to be released via SS Records. PRE-ORDERS available now….don’t miss out!!! The full album will be released July 10th, 2015……

Follow the link to check out the video premier review below via Noisey, music by VICE:

A tasty 3 song sampler  via soundcloud on  Ss records:


SCREATURE bandcamp:


Ghostplay release NEW single ‘New Monday’

Art work by: John Conley
Art work by: John Conley

Local Sacramento band ghostplay have released their first single entitled ‘New Monday’ off of their upcoming debut EP ’33’ to be released via Noise Loves Audio  ( on July 10th, 2015. The band recorded the EP with Monte vallier of Ruminator Audio.

Take a listen to the track below!

If your in or around the Sacramento area this Sunday May 31st, you can catch the band live at the Blue Lamp along with ‘Life in 24 Frames’ and ‘All About Rockets’ – it’s only $5!


Music benefit for local legend: Ground Chuck!

Ground chuck 5

We openly admit we are not very qualified to write anything about the history of Mr. Charles Adrian Thomas (we say this mostly so we don’t get pummeled by the locals in the know, ha!). However, we do know that Mr. Thomas, better known around midtown Sacramento as Ground Chuck, is very much a local legend, and is to be respected! Chuck has been a part of the music community for years, he has been booking shows, and playing in punk, and metal bands for decades. Yet, we are like most lameos, and know him only from a distance. If you get out to gigs it is highly likely that you’ve seen him at local shows, or have possibly spotted him hanging out at the midtown restaurant Rubicon.

But seriously, if you are not familiar with Ground Chuck, you should feel bad about yourself (like we did), and be inspired to seek out what makes Ground Chuck a local legend. Check out the great article titled ‘The Life and Times of Ground Chuck’ written by Dennis Yudt. Published back in May 2010, for the now defunct Midtown Monthly magazine, it offers some great insight for those of you who are new to Ground Chuck (and is much more elegantly written). But don’t stop there, continue your research lesson and you will discover that aside from being a musician (which includes having performed with Zach Hill of Death Grips), he is also a comedian, does rad chalk art , and in 2010 was named one of Sacramento’s most interesting people by SN&R (The Sac 100: SN&R’s guide to the most interesting people in the region).


ground chuck
Ground Chuck_Photo by: Scott Duncan

 To finally get to the point of this long winded blog, news was recently shared on Facebook, that Ground Chuck had broken his hip while doing what he loves best, attending a punk show. You don’t need us to tell you that this a very serious injury (that is what google is for people!), this will lead to major medical bills, and comes with a very long recovery period. In an effort to show their love, and support, and help Chuck get through this difficult injury, the incredibly rad people of Casa De Chaos are coming together to throw a benefit to help him out!

The show will feature bands such as The Secretions, Storytellers, Crude Studs, Strange Party, and more TBA on Saturday, January 9th, 2016. The cover charge is $7, or you can be cool as punk, and donate more! Yes, you can have a great time for $7 all while Chuck is probably laying in bed somewhere in pain, and who is probably just dying to be at this gig himself!

All we want to do is try and spread the word about a great, and meaningful local event within the Sacramento Music community. Go and join the Facebook event page for more details (Click here: Ground Check Benefit event page), and if you can’t make it out, at the very least share this article, or the event page on Facebook, Twitter, or what ever other crazy social media site that you are probably addicted to.

We wish you all the best Ground Chuck, get well soon!




Listen to ‘Ground Chuck Night’ written and performed by Crude Studs:


VARIOUS LINKS: Zach Hill (Death Grips) performing w/ Ground Chuck


Rubicon: Rubicon Brewing 25th Anniversary Interview


SN&R Article: ‘Ground Chuck meets Anaal Nathrakh. Insanity ensues’

CD Baby – MC Ground Chuck:

Album Notes: Can You Feel It? is the result of a series of recording sessions done in Sacramento, CA at Soundlab studios with Sacramento’s idol, Ground Chuck. Doctor Echo and Ground Chuck both played together in The Defendants and came together to collaborate for this stream-of-consciousness EP in 2000. This is Ground Chuck at his inspired best: King Diamond meets Lee Perry.”

Published on Dec 30, 2013: Staring Sacramento’s idol MC Ground Chuck. From the EP Can You Feel It? on Anicca Records



First Fest Sacramento 2016 – Submissions now OPEN!




In May 2015 the inaugural First Festival was held in West Sacramento and featured 18 musical acts, of which included notable local Sacramento bands ‘Whiskey & Stitches’, ‘Drop Dead Red’, ‘A Mile Till Dawn’, and ‘Be Brave Bold Robot’. It was created by two local business owners Danielle Vincent and Ashley Rastad, and they are bringing it back in 2016!

Local bands of Sacramento, prep your social media pages, dress up your websites, put up your best songs, and fill out the submission form now! As of September 3rd, 2015 the First Festival web site is now accepting applications from bands in Sacramento (as well as close surrounding areas). We currently don’t know how long the window to apply will be open, so do it as soon as possible. All submissions will be reviewed in January 2016, and what is really awesome is that the form is quick, simple, and too the point. 

It’s a rare opportunity for bands of the local Sacramento music community to be given the opportunity to apply to play a legitimate festival (unlike TBD, which we still love by the way). Let’s show our appreciation by spreading the word, and encouraging your friends to apply! You can’t play if you don’t apply!

While this is only the second installment of this festival, it’s still a really solid resume builder for bands. Again, we don’t know what they will be looking for exactly, but take our advice and prep your websites. Bands need to learn to sell themselves, build up the hype and make your social media sites look good. Stay active and play QUALITY gigs. 

Best of luck to all of you who do apply, and here is to hoping First Fest keeps an open mind, and produces a solid diverse line-up!